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Cantina Castiglia love wine

The wine of Cantina Castiglia tells a story of passion and love for the land of Gallura. The wine tells of dirty hands and shoes of earth, of harvests under the scorching sun, but also the magic of the perfume of the must, the joy of a toast with friends and the satisfaction of knowing that those who taste our wines will take a long time a memory given by emotions, aromas and flavors.

The wines of Nino Castiglia will make you rediscover the complexity of Gallura flavors and aromas in the glass. Each wine of the Castiglia winery expresses its character through intimate and personal sensations. The philosophy of the Castiglia company is based on the conviction that wine must be the most faithful expression of the territory, the grape variety and the passion of those who work there.

All the processing is done independently, at the Cantina Castiglia, with the support of our winemaker who carries out all the procedures for the control of the product both in the vineyard and in the cellar.

The Castiglia wines are subjected to all the chemical and organoleptic analyzes necessary for the successful completion of the winemaking.



Because every wine has a story, but every story must be accompanied by the right wine.