Termini e Condizioni

The sale of wine and alcoholic products is prohibited to minors.

According to the law of 08 November 2012 which implemented the decree law of 13 September 2012 No. 158, the sale of alcoholic products is prohibited to minors, therefore the user declares to be of age according to the legislation applicable to the latter. The user also declares that, by accepting the privacy policy, whoever receives the alcoholic product will be of age according to the legislation applicable to the latter.



1. First Order and Registration
How to place the order?
1. Identification If this is your first order, you will need to create an account. To do this, simply enter an e-mail address and fill out our registration form. Check the validity of your e-mail address to receive all communications regarding the processing of your order. If you have already purchased on cantinacastiglia.it, identify yourself with the e-mail address and password you registered when placing your first order and click on “Continue” to move on to the next stages of your order.
2. Method of Payment
It is possible to purchase via PayPal, credit or prepaid card, bank transfer.
3. Shipping and Tracking
Insured shipping by express courier, orders are processed within 3 working days from receipt of payment, immediately after shipment you will be provided with the code (tracking) to track the shipment.

If you have a problem that has not been resolved by our technical support, you can return the product to us. The first step is to fill out the Return form.
This form must be completely filled out and once received, we will respond via email within 3 business days with return instructions. The products must be returned in their original packaging. We do not refund products damaged due to insufficient packaging.
Please use a protective outer box to prevent damage in transit. The return must first be approved.


Different types of payment are available, all managed by cantinacastiglia.it with PayPal:
• Payment from your PayPal account to the cantinacastiglia.it PayPal account • Payment with traditional credit cards through the appropriate PayPal payment window
• Payment with prepaid cards (postepay, etc.) through the appropriate PayPal payment window The use of our circuit of transactions with PayPal does not involve cost increases for the customer.
The management of the money transactions of the cantinacastiglia.it site usually takes place with PayPal as a total guarantee of the seriousness and professionalism of cantinacastiglia.it towards its Customers. In this way, the control of payments and the processing of orders is faster, reducing the risk of unavailability due to product exhaustion.
Furthermore, in the event of a product not available, if the Customer chooses to make use of the “REFUND” CLAUSE by simply sending an e-mail, he will be immediately refunded in full, with re-credit of his transaction from cantinacastiglia.it, through the simple procedure and secure PayPal.

Extremes Bank transfer:
Castiglia Nino
IBAN: IT60F0306985082100000003680

 Weight in Kilos

from 0 to 2 € >2 – 5

€ >5 – 10

€ >10 – 20

€ >20 – 30

The purchased goods will be delivered to the address indicated from Monday to Friday from 9.00 to 19.00 by the most well-known express courier in Italy (Bartolini, DHL, SDA, etc.). The choice of the express courier is managed upstream and is subject to an appropriate selection in terms of the overall quality of the service offered, based on the delivery area, on the Italian territory.
Shipping costs, which takes place by standard courier, are specified in the product cart.
• Partial order fulfillment: In the case of orders containing multiple products, delivery may take place in several tranches. That’s because the storage of the products takes place in a different warehouse.
• Exceptional shipping costs: If at the time of shipment, cantinacastiglia.it detects an actual unexpected and out of the ordinary shipping cost (for example: exceptional dimensions) that cannot be included in our “product cart” service. In this case cantinacastiglia.it reserves the right to inform the customer and ask him for a contribution for the shipping costs; by means of a further advance payment. If the customer, after having become aware of the new amount due for shipping, intends to renounce the order, he can use the REFUND CLAUSE and obtain a full immediate refund.

The courier makes the first delivery without notice. In the absence of the recipient, the courier leaves the notice and retries delivery the next day. In the event of further absence, the package will remain lying at the closest courier office, available for collection. To facilitate the courier: in the delivery “NOTES” enter as much information as possible such as: intercom name – at home from XX – inside X scale 3 – mobile number.
The time required for the delivery of the goods to the address indicated by the customer in Italy, including the time required for processing the order, is approximately 4/6 working days from the arrival of the payment.
You can monitor the status of the shipment online in real time, by requesting the tracking of your order by contacting us at info@cantinacastiglia.it. We recommend you to request the tracking of your shipment, to check its status, after 5 days from the date of shipment confirmation of cantinacastiglia.it (sent to the customer by e-mail) without having obtained the delivery or the notice of non-delivery from the courier (the package could be in storage due to courier delivery problems and return to the sender for complete storage, automatically and definitively, i.e. without the possibility of obtaining redelivery).

Cantinacastiglia.it sends to your e-mail, provided at the time of registration, constant updates on the status of the order: PROCESSING, COMPLETED, INVOICE in addition provides you with the data for the online TRACKING of the package. Upon receiving the payment, cantinacastiglia.it processes the order within the next working day and takes care of the shipment within the next working day.
The processing of the order and its shipping times are therefore to be understood within 2 working days by receiving the payment.

In the event of any problem relating to the non-delivery of the order (not available, delayed, lost / damaged by the Courier) cantinacastiglia.it will take care of communicating the problem to the customer and will be able to immediately refund 100% of the amount paid for the order not delivered (refund with PayPal or bank transfer for orders paid by bank transfer in advance).
CONDITIONS OF SALE – below are the conditions of sale of the cantinacastiglia.it website
We guarantee the products against conformity defects for 24 months, in compliance with Legislative Decree n. 206 of 2005) and we declare that all delivered products comply with those present and described in the online catalog.
Any obvious defects must be reported by the Customer in accordance with the provisions of Legislative Decree n. 206 of 2005 art. 132 and also promptly communicated by e-mail, specifying the exact obvious defects and, if possible, attaching photographs and in any case within 24 hours of receipt of the goods, to the email info@cantinacastiglia.it

The products are covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, in particular:
• EUROPEAN WARRANTY: 12 months warranty
• ITALY WARRANTY: 24 months warranty

If the delivered product is malfunctioning and / or has serious defects, it is necessary and mandatory to report it immediately at info@cantinacastiglia.it who will provide the shipping instructions, to be paid by the customer, to the supplier who, after the appropriate checks, will arrange for free replacement.

The product that breaks during the warranty period must be taken or sent to Authorized Service Centers, indicated in the Manufacturer’s Warranty Certificate, which will establish whether the defect is covered by the Warranty or not. To validate the right to the Guarantee, the Customer must attach:
• Copy of the order confirmation
• Copy of the invoice
• Any time is possible to request a copy of the documentation emailing: info@cantinacastiglia.it

The product that breaks and is not covered by the warranty (both for exceeding the time limit and for damage not covered by the warranty) must be taken or sent to the Authorized Service Centers, indicated in the specific Manufacturer’s Warranty Certificate, which will take care of repair the product.
Cantinacastiglia.it recommends in any case to request a written estimate, to be approved before authorizing the repair.

The page contains articles with reduced prices based on the moment offers of the Italian Partnership Distributors.

The customer is required to indicate all the details (VAT number or tax code for billing, in the appropriate dedicated spaces, during the purchase. The invoice is issued at the time of payment by the Customer. The Customer can request at the moment of the order that the product is sent to an address other than that indicated on the invoice.
Customers can any time request a copy of the purchase documentation (Our office in Tempio Pausania will issue the digital copy of the Invoice, as consideration deriving from mail order). The printable copy of the order, made on www.cantinacastiglia.it together with the copy of the Invoice issued by Azienda Ag ricola Castiglia Nino Via Mosca 3 – 07023 Calangianus (SS) VAT number 02094090905 – www.cantinacastiglia.it, represent the documentation valid as proof of the regular purchase of the goods in Italy, also for the purposes of the warranty coverage (ITALY GUARANTEE or EUROPEAN GUARANTEE) offered by the manufacturer.

The product catalog published on the site, indicates the availability of the product. All products that can be viewed and selected on the site and can be purchased.

Order processing times by cantinacastiglia.it, are usually 24/48 hours from the arrival of the payment.
If the purchased and paid product is no longer available at the time of processing the order (or the supply conditions agreed at the time of the order are no longer applicable), cantinacastiglia.it will contact the customer by email or by telephone, to illustrate the possibility of resolving the order, for example by proposing replacements with other similar products available (with integration or refund of the difference) or by communicating the expected date for the new availability.
The Customer can choose for the solution that best suits his needs among those proposed by cantinacastiglia.it (replacement with another similar product, waiting for restocking, etc.) including using the “REFUND” CLAUSE to obtain FULL AND IMMEDIATE REFUND, upon closing and definitive cancellation of the order. To make use of the “REFUND” CLAUSE, the customer will only have to express their will, applying it by sending an email at info@cantinacastiglia.it who will immediately cancel the transaction with PayPal at no cost to the customer.

The Customer who has paid for a product that has become no longer available at the time of processing the order (exhaustion, price change, change in times / shipping costs, etc.), will be immediately notified via email from cantinacastiglia.it to the email provided at the time of registration.
Among the various solutions of the case proposed by cantinacastiglia.it (replacement with another similar product, waiting for restocking, etc.) the customer can also make use of this clause, emailing us at info@cantinacastiglia.it
The customer simply sending an email, obtains in real-time refund of the entire amount paid. The FULL REFUND procedure, with reversal of the payment and re-credit of the entire amount, is valid for any type of electronic payment used to purchase on cantinacastiglia.it (PayPal account, Prepaid Cards, Credit Cards, etc.) and is managed by cantinacastiglia.it with PayPal, at no cost for the customer. Once the customer has obtained and verified the re-credit of the entire amount paid (24/48 hours from the refund action by cantinacastiglia.it), he can safely order, if he wishes, another product on cantinacastiglia.it, proceeding with a new order with its relative payment.

The technical information reported on the site as well as included in our catalog are obtained from the information published by the manufacturers of the goods. Therefore, we reserve the right to modify / adapt the technical and dimensional information of the products in the catalog, based on what will be communicated by the producers, even without any prior notice.
In the event that the customer is not satisfied with the products purchased, he has the right to exercise the right of withdrawal from the purchase of part or all of the goods subject to an order without any penalty and without the need to specify the reason, pursuant to of Legislative Decree No. 206/2005. To withdraw from the purchase, the costumer must communicate this intention no later than 14 days from receipt of the purchased products. The communication must be made by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt (registered letter with return receipt) sent to Azienda Agricola Castiglia Nino Via Mosca 3 07023 Calangianus (SS) ITALY or by sending an e-mail at: info@cantinacastiglia.it to be confirmed within 48 hours by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt (registered letter with return receipt), sent to Azienda Ag ricola Castiglia Nino Via Mosca 3 – 07023 Calangianus (SS) – ITALY and must specify the products purchased, the relative order number and the desire to withdraw from the purchase. ODR (Online Despute Resolution) http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/ in Italy, the ODR contact point, pursuant to Legislative Decree 130/15 (implementing Directive 2013/11 / EU on the “alternative resolution of consumer disputes”) will be carried out by the National Center of the European Consumer Network ECC-NET – http://www.ecc-net.it

The Customer Service of cantinacastiglia.it will respond by e-mail giving authorization to return the goods, indicating the correct address to where you can send the returned goods. The shipment of the returned products can be made by any means chosen by the customer, but a traceable shipment is recommended. However, we will not accept in any case return shipments freight collect or cash on delivery. The shipping costs will therefore be charged to the customer. Once we have received the products covered by the withdrawal and ascertain their integrity, we will refund the entire amount paid as soon as possible and in any case within 14 days from knowledge of the withdrawal from the purchase, corresponding only to the price paid for the products purchased and returned. .
Any complaints can be sent by contacting the CUSTOMER ASSISTANCE SERVICE via email: info@cantinacastiglia.it
If we deem it appropriate, we will reply by emailing or calling the contact details provided at the time of registration. The Manager will make himself available and will follow and assist the Customer quickly and efficiently and in any case until the complete resolution of the reported problem.
The registered trademarks and logos belong to their respective owners. It is expressly forbidden to reproduce or publish even partially the images, texts, graphics. Any unauthorized abuse will be reported and prosecuted according to the laws in force.

We are not responsible for any damage or loss, direct and / or indirect, deriving from the sale of goods and services offered in the catalog published on the site, even for delayed and / or non-delivery of the product, nor for the correspondence of the to goods to the specifications published on the site, nor for any other fact not directly attributable.
The information relating to the Products provided on the site is constantly updated. However, the complete absence of errors cannot be guaranteed. Cantinacastiglia.it reserves the right to correct errors, inaccuracies or omissions even after an order has been sent and also to change or update information at any time without prior notice.
These General Conditions are governed by Italian law and must be interpreted in accordance with Italian law. For disputes arising from the interpretation, validity and / or execution of these General Conditions, notwithstanding the provisions of art. 63 Legislative Decree 206/2005 (Consumer Code), the place of jurisdiction is the exclusive one of Tempio Pausania.